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Brand New In: The February Slogan Collection

Brand New Designs For February 2018

We're well into 2018 and we're celebrating with our brand new collection of slogan T Shirts, first up, we've got some exclusive women's tops.

With a range of different designs, they bring humour, statement pieces and add something to your wardrobe with that little bit of style. Here's what's in store right now, with Lush T Shirts exclusives which you can't find anywhere else.

Friday Is My Second Favourite F Word

Friday Is My Second Favourite F Word Top

A great top for the weekend, you can buy our Friday is my second favourite F word top to warm up your two days off. We all know what the best F word is, but we think that Friday comes a very close 2nd.

Truth Or Dare

Truth Or Dare Top

The classic game we played as kids, usually involving girls and boys and kissing, was truth or dare. Relive your 90's childhood in this top, are you more truth or dare? Get this design here.

Get Me Drunk And Ask Me To Dance

Get Me Drunk And Ask Me To Dance

If you're on a night out with your girls and you need to be a bit tipsy and need some encouragement for a bit of a boogie, you'll fully understand the statement made on this tee. You can buy our Get Me Drunk And Ask Me To Dance T Shirt for your next night out, to give a not so subtle hint to your friends or lads what's required to get you on the dance floor.

Paris Flag T Shirt

Paris Flag T Shirt

What's not to love about Paris? It's not just the capital of France, it's the capital of food, culture, and of course love. Our Paris Flag T Shirt comes with red and blue print, with black text and looks the business on the backdrop of a white tee.

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir

Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir

It's a song lyric we're all familiar with, and it's a bit of a flirty message within the songs. Lady Marmalde was performed by La Belle and All Saints, and this quote reads Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir? It's French, and you'll known what it means. But if you don't know the English, it translates to Would you like to sleep with me, tonight?

You can buy our voulez vous quote top from us, with the slogan printed in a bold fashion.

Le Weekend T-Shirt

Le Weekend Top

More French inspiration from this design, which features a red heart graphic logo along with the phrase Le Weekend. If you're living for the weekend and count down the days until a Friday night, Our Le Weekend Top is perfect.

Brunch Club

Brunch Club

They may say the most important meal of the day is breakfast, but those people have probably not had Brunch. Start your own group of food lovers with our Brunch Club Top, and let everyone know you love that time of day between breakfast and lunch.

With a neon pink print, it will look tasty as you're eating croissants and other pastry goodies.

That's our brand new tees for February, packed with the latest designs and slogans which you can only get at Lush T Shirts. Which design is for you? Shop them all on the site right now.

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