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Funny Ways To Break The Ice In A T Shirt

Break The Ice With These Tips

Breaking the ice can be scary and intimidating, mostly because you don't know where to start the conversation. Well why not break the ice with a T-shirt!? Sounds like a pretty good idea to us. We've already taken a look at T Shirts which do the talking, and if it's the first time you're meeting someone, we've got some brilliant ways of breaking the ice, which will set the mood. We always hear that girls like a good sense of humour, and we can get that across with something as simple as a T-shirt.

Why Is Breaking The Ice So Difficult?

Breaking the ice can be a difficult thing to do, it all comes down to your personality, and usually how outgoing you are. Social anxiety can come into play, or just being anxious when it comes to dealing with girls, what do you say and how should you act may be questions you ask yourself.

Then there's what she thinks. It's a bad habit to over do it, but then the opposite is not a good idea either, not doing enough.

Not understanding body signals is another reason. It can be such a hard thing to read, but you can learn this over time.

One of the other reasons is not having the motivation to actually go and break the ice. You have to want to do it, which is the first hurdle, and then the rest will hopefully follow.

Quick Tips To Break The Ice

There's plenty of pretty quick tips and tricks to break the ice. Here's just a few to get you started.

  1. Make Eye Contact - Probably the first move you can make is without speaking at all. It's the easiest thing and the first step you should take, make eye contact with the girl.
  2. Introduce Yourself - You could try introducing yourself, although this can be slightly intimidating. A better first step could be...
  3. Ask a question - This could be asking for something such as a straw, a menu, or something else wherever you happen to be.
  4. Make a statement - If asking a question is not the way you want to go, making a simple statement could be another way to kick start a conversation. I love the food in here could be a good start, you'll get a response and you can take it from there.
  5. Don't Come On Too Strong - You don't want to come on too strong, or be too confident, it could end up making you look cocky.
  6. Don't Use Cheesy Lines - Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but it shouldn't be what you use at the jump; Save those for later if you think it's the kind of girl who would find them funny. (Tip: Check out our worst chat up lines ever so you know what NOT to say!)
  7. Listen - If you don't like to talk much, you can say a lot by saying nothing and just listening to what she has to say.
  8. Stick to light topics - You don't want to talk about extreme issues or politics in the first two minutes, that can put people off, especially if you have differing views.
  9. Be Happy & Positive - You should present yourself in a happy and positive manner, and not negative and miserable.
  10. Keep her engaged - It's tough, but once you have a bit of a conversation going, you have to try to keep it up. Ask more questions, get opinions or talk just a little bit more.

Break The Ice With T Shirts

It's one of the hardest thing to do, especially if you're a shy guy. We're talking about breaking the ice with a girl. You're a cool guy, good sense of humour and have a personality, but you have to make that step and start a conversation with a girl. What do you say? Well these T-shirts will help you out with everything you need to say.

Can I Give You A Kiss I Promise I'll Give You It Back

Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give you it back T Shirt

For the cute guys who want a bit of cheeky banter, this is a phrase which can do exactly that. Can I Borrow A Kiss I Promise I'll Give You It Back is a slogan which is just that little bit cheeky without being offensive, girls will find it funny.

I'm Lost Please Take Me Home With You

I'm lost please take me home with you t shirt

It doesn't really get more to the point than this one. I'm Lost Please Take Me Home With You is a phrase that everyone will find funny because it's so brash and to the point. It almost means the opposite, because we all know that if anyone is being this forward, it's obviously a joke.

Girls Break The Ice With Lads

It's not just girls which like a good sense of humour, lads do too. It's a bit sceptical to think that it's just a pretty face that a man wants, if a girl doesn't have the personality, sooner or later the guy will loose interest. A great quality is a girl who can laugh at herself, so let's see some tops which can pull off this look.

I'd Shave My Legs For You

I'd Shave My Legs For You Top

What a terrific compliment this is! The hilarious statement tells the guy that he's so special that you're willing to put in the effort with him. I'd Shave My Legs For You is a top which will get every guy laughing, while even making him feel special in an ironic kind of way.

Gosh Being A Princess Is Exhausting

Gosh Being A Princess Is Exhausting Top

What man doesn't want his own queen? And you can let him know how special you really are wearing this design. The sarcastic Gosh Being A Princess Is Exhausting top is a funny take on girls looking for their prince charming. If he finds his adorable, he's the guy for you.


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