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Small Text Tees - Subtle Slogans

Small Text Tees - Subtle Slogans

Sometimes you want to get your message across without shouting it, and there's a way to do it, with a little subtle slogan! Our brand new range of women's slogan tops will get your message across. You can say a lot in these T Shirts without saying anything at all, as we always say, let the tee do the talking, check out these small text tees.

Not Your Baby

Not Your Baby Top

Tell the boys exactly how it is in this top. Our Not Your Baby T Shirt let's those guys know that you're an independent woman and are young, free and single. They'll get the hint wearing this top.


Reserved T Shirt

You can write your own story in the Reserved T Shirt. Does it mean you have a shy personality, or does it mean that you are in fact reserved for someone else? We print the text, you come up with the story in this design.

OK Bye T Shirt

OK Bye Women's T Shirt

The OK Bye Women's Top is a design with the simple little slogan printed to the front on the breast position. In a handwriting style, it really is a short and sweet statement, when you're sick of someone it's the only two words you need to say to them.

Not My Type

Not My Type T-Shirt

Another great going out top, our Not My Type T Shirt is going to let people know that you have some attitude which is not a bad thing at all. Get all the sassy out in this design, and let people know they aren't your type, even if you've never met them.

You can go for one of our slogan T Shirts which has larger text and makes a huge impact, but when you want to be a little sneaky and quieter with what you're trying to say, these prints will do the job just fine.

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