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Spring/Summer 2018 T Shirt Drop Number 2

Spring/Summer 2018 Drop 2 New Tees

We've got some brilliant brand new tees for you this Spring! We've already seen the first drop, and we're back quickly with the second, perfect for Spring and Summer this year.

With a focus on slogans, fun, sarcasm and having a laugh, these 7 designs are perfect additions to give your wardrobe a fresh new look this season.

Archbishop Of Banterbury T Shirt

Archbishop Of Banterbury T Shirt

For the jokers among you, the Archbishop of Banterbury T Shirt is the design you want to be seen in. Everyone will get the joke, and the tee is full of banter. Complete with the text and graphic, it's a tee you want to own.

Fake News T Shirt

Fake News T Shirt

It's been the word that everyone loves to hate for well over a year, we're talking about that phrase fake news. With a political background, everything you see online these days is fake news, or at least that's what some would have you believe.

Love it or hate it, fake news looks like it's here to stay, you can even get the T-shirt.

I'm Here Because You Broke Something

I'm here because you broke something t shirt

If you're the one who's always getting called out to people's houses to fix their problems, you'll want to be wearing our I'm because you broke something T Shirt the next time you pop round.

You'll get a laugh the next time you're fixing someone for something in this slogan design. Or buy it for your friend, who's always helping you out.

Do Not Read The Next Sentence. You Little Rebel. I Like You.

Do not read the next sentence. You little rebel. I like you T-shirt

The joke on the shirt which gets funnier when you read through it. If you want people staring at your clothing, our Do not read the next sentence. You little rebel. I like you tee is going to do that.

It's easy to read, and as they're reading it, they'll begin to get the joke.

Life Is Good You Should Get One T Shirt

Life Is Good You Should Get One

Are you tired of people making comments about you, and think they should stick to their own lives? Life Is Good You Should Get One is a T Shirt which explains exactly that.

If you think people should stop worrying about what you're doing an concentrate on themselves, wear this and show a bit of attitude.

I Can Explain It To You But I Can't Understand It For You

I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you T Shirt

We all know that person who's just a bit too slow for us, and we think this tee sums them up pretty well. The slogan reads I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you, and it's a one which we can all relate to.

If you're the brains of the group, this one is for you.

Flanter - The Art Of Flirty Banter

Flanter - The art of flirty banter T Shirt

We all love a bit of flirty banter, and you'll get some back in our Flanter T Shirt. If you've mastered the art of flanter, this print sums it all up. A great tee to wear on a boys night out, let the ladies know you're game for a laugh in this design.

That's your lot for our 2nd drop! We've got more brand new tees coming in the Summer, so remember to keep a look out on our site for the freshest slogan tees and designs in the UK!

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