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The Most Expensive Slogan T Shirts

The Most Expensive Slogan T Shirts

The humble T Shirt has taken on a new form, with the luxury and designer super brands selling the most expensive slogan T Shirts! The Tee has always been popular, and it's recognised as one of the cheapest items of clothing any man or woman can buy, so what would make you buy a top at eye watering prices.

What are the most expensive T Shirts on sale right now? Here's a look at the most high end, luxury and designer T-shirts which will hit your wallet hard.


Givenchy Logo T Shirt

Nothing says high end like Givenchy. This logo slogan tee has become popular in 2017 and has had celebs rocking this easy to wear top.

Cost: £490 | Check it out here


Gucci Slogan T Shirt

One of the most coveted designs of this year has been the Gucci logo shirt. It's a simple design with the Gucci logo to the front which is in red and green, with the slogan in gold. Looks great on a white tee.

Cost: £340 | Check it out here


Loewe Slogan T Shirt

If you want to say "Made In Spain" in the most expensive way possible, Loewe has a pretty good way of doing it. The Spanish luxury brand has gone for a design which looks like brown cardboard with the slogan being printed in red.

Cost: €250 | Get it here


Vetements Slogan T-Shirt

Vetements have what people are calling an entry level T-shirt to the luxe game. You'll be lucky to find anything basic from this brand for under £500, but they've gone ahead and made an "affordable" tee. The staff T-shirt, and we can't help but think of the irony in the design.

Cost: £130 | Shop for this here


Balmain Logo T Shirt

They became super popular when they did a collaboration with H&M back in late 2015, with the slogan tee one of the coveted items for many. That's because the tee cost under £50, a real bargain for this must-have logo tee. Of course they were super exclusive and hard to get, so most never got to get one. You can still get the genuine logo shirt, but it does come at a price.

Cost: €150 | Get it here

Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein Slogan T Shirt

Not a household name, but Philipp Plein has some pretty expensive cloth. Working with celebs most recently Floyd Mayweather from his 50th fight win. Fancy a leather laser cut slogan tee? This is the one to go for.

Cost: £360 | Get it here


Fendi Love T-shirt

Can you feel the love with this Fendi pink top? It's a simple concept and word, which is done well. The logo to the front uses three colours, with the simple love slogan printed which is easy to read.

Cost: £430 | Get it here.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent TShirt

Did you know that it's fashionable to have text so small on a tee that it's almost unreadable? Yes, that is the trend we're seeing right now. Saint Laurent has this design, which is their wording in the middle of the shirt in a really small type. It's not going to make the boldest of statements, but maybe that's the point.

Cost: £300 | Get it here

Raf Simmons

Raf Simmons Slogan Tee

High end designer Raf Simmons has a range of graphic printed and slogan based tees. This Thank You tee has the text in an upside down format, printed in red on a cotton shirt made in Italy.

Cost: $275 | Get it here.


Kenzo Signature T-Shirt

Fairly inexpensive on this list, the Kenzo signature T-shirt is one of the most popular tees of recent times, with the print being large across the front of the shirt. It's distinctive and if you're wearing this those in the know will know all about it.

Cost: £85 | Get it here.


Balenciaga Slogan Tee

Making a huge come back in 2017, Balenciaga has found the love once again with it's ready to wear collection. You can't do anything without having the basics, and their logo tee is the perfect way to get some Balenciaga, as many fashionistas have done.

Cost: £225 | Get it here.


Amiri Lovers Slogan Top

Hailing all the way from LA, Amiri is all about the grunge scene and rock and roll. This printed top has Lovers printed to the front, which is a message which gets straight to the point.

Cost: £249 | Get it here.


Utopia by Lanvin

From Paris with love, Lanvin is a luxury brand that has some printed tops ready to buy. The Utopia shirt comes with multi colour print which is large enough for anyone to read. It costs quite a bit to live in this Utopia.

Cost: $350 | Get it here.


Burberry Logo Tee

The pinnacle of British fashion, Burberry has got to be the most traditional and luxurious fashion house Britain has. Famous for their patterns, you can show off support for the brand with a logo tee, perfect for Burberry lovers.

Cost: £150 | Get it here.


Moschino Top

With cutting edge designs which get noticed, Moschino has plenty of slogan tees up their sleeves. Couture Is An Attitude makes a statement about what your idea of exclusive style really is.

Cost: £149 | Get it here.


Love See's no Colour T-shirt

Ashleigh Gupta has her Love Sees No Colour top which is one of the most expensive we've ever seen. It's all about colour and sequins, and although this is not a short sleeve t-shirt like the others, we had to include it because of it's incredible design, along with th eye watering price.

Cost: £1,408 | Check it out here.

Bella Freud

Bella Freud

Straight out of Britain is Bella Freud, and has this Love For You slogan based design. The text comes on three lines which is easy to read and gets the desired message across, in the fashionable boyfriend fit.

Cost: £85 | Get it here.

Olympia Le-Tan

Femme Fatale Top

Another tee with sequins, Olympia Le-Tan has come up with this design, utilizing sequins within the statement. Femme Fatale comes with a black shadow background on the lettering, really setting it off.

Cost: £260 | Get it here.

Public School

Public School Top

American Public School has come up with this slogan top, which reads Make America New York. Presented in classic red, the quote is written in white and is easily read.

Cost: $125 | Get it here.

Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykeil Top

You can print a slogan, or you can use other methods, such as this Rykiel For Ever T-shirt has done. Embroidered with a black patch along with the lettering in various colours, it's a fun style of tee which is bold and bright.

Cost: £113 | Get it here.


And there you have it! 20 of the most expensive printed tops you can get right now! There's a mix of everything from couture designers to high end fashion houses and premium clothing labels, everyone has their own take on this trend. You can check out all our slogan T Shirts which are far less expensive, but still get the job done. With hundreds of quotes, designs and statements to choose from, they certainly don't break the bank.



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