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Christmas Present Ideas For Awkward & Difficult Dads

What do you get for the man that has everything? That is the old saying isn't it? Well it could have been made for dads, because they're all so difficult to buy for! They already have everything, and use none of it, so what can you buy them that they'll actually like?

We have put together this handy little guide for you to help get him something awesome this year for Christmas.

Funny T-Shirts

There's no better way to put a smile on his face than some of our funny T-shirts. The original designs are something you'll not find on the high street, and the comfort of the tees is something which will even pass the dad's test of approval. We have plenty on offer, no matter what your dad is into there's a print which he will love. We've picked out some of our favourite, you can find them on our T-shirts for dads page.


This Is What An Awesome Dad Looks Like T-Shirt

Aftershave And Cologne

A standard go to thing to buy for any dad is a scent, and there's plenty of fragrances out there for your dad. Find out the type of scent he likes, from woody, citrus, floral, fruity or spicy. A classic all rounder is BOSS Bottled for Men which is loved the world over and he should like this.

DVDs, Blu Rays And Films

What kind of dad doesn't like a good film? If he doesn't already have a collection, then you can get him started on one. But what films? Well there's good old fashioned gangster films which are a must. We're talking about Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, The Godfather and Scarface. If he's into action then there's the Die Hard series, The Bourne Collection and of course the classics from James Bond.

Comedy always goes down well, you could go old school with Airplane, Coming To America and Animal House, or something more recent such as The Hangover series, Anchorman or the American Pie films which will take him back.

Premium Drinks For Dads For Christmas


What's his favourite tipple? Get him a bottle of spirit, whether it's a nice vodka, rum, whisky or gin. You can spend a bit more and go for something more premium which will be special, or some brands often do personalisations and gift packs over the festive period to make the gift that little bit more special. Keep Calm And Drink On!

Bluetooth Speaker

An excellent idea for a gift is a Bluetooth speaker. Everyone has a portable music player, even if it's your mobile phone, and a Bluetooth speaker is the perfect addition. Almost all phones comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so it's almost certain to be compatible. They can be cheap too, with some really good speakers coming in at under £30, you can go up into the hundreds for more prestegious models from brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Bose.

Socks And Boxers

Perhaps the most go-to item to buy for your dad; Socks and boxers. The bare essentials are what every man needs, day in, day out. They're also something that men don't buy too often, so you might want to spruce up his sock draw with a couple of pairs of fresh new cotton socks and boxers.

Other Stocking Fillers

There's plenty of other stocking fillers which you can get which brands and companies put together especially for Christmas time. Special packs of socks, fragrance gift sets, grooming kits, and other smaller pieces make great smaller additions to filling up your dad's Santa sack full of goodies.

We hope these gift ideas have given you some inspiration on what to get your dad for Christmas. Reading the list you'll see that it's not difficult or awkward at all buying for dads for Christmas, it's just a myth! ;)

Happy shopping! xoxo