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Funny T Shirts To Wear At Work

Funny T Shirts to wear at work

Going to work does not necessarily have to be a mundane task, you can spice things up a bit by wearing some humorous things which will have your workmates and colleagues laughing. We've already showed off some of the most hilarious designs to wear if you work in tech support, but what if you work in some other environment?

The relaxed dress code used to be non-existent in the UK, then we had casual Fridays, and now we've gone like many of our European friends and gone for a more laid back approach to clothing in the office. What better way to make a statement at work than by wearing funny t shirts which all have messages on them to sum up how you're feeling at work. Whether you love or loath your job, you can go to it with a sense of humour by wearing one of these designs, and show your friends that you have a good personality.

Check out our top funny T-shirts we've picked out you can wear at work. Please wear them with pride and caution! You have been warned!

Sorry I'm Late I Didn't Want To Come

This will get the message across about how much you hate your job. Your boss probably won't appreciate our Sorry I'm Late I Didn't Want To Come T Shirt but your workmates should find it hysterical. Be the popular guy in the office and wear this one.

Shh Nobody Cares

If someone at work is talking too much, or you have someone on the phone hurting your ears, this slogan might resonate...Wear the Shh nobody cares T Shirt on a Monday.

Does It Look Like I Care

Something you probably want to tell your boss when they are annoyed at you for no reason in particular. No words are needed, just wear the Does It Look Like I Care T Shirt

I'm Allergic To Stupidity I Break Out In Sarcasm

That one guy at work who's just plain dumb and gets on your nerves so much? Yeah, that's the guy. This slogan is for him. If you're sick of that guy, you need to give him a subtle message, and try our I'm Allergic To Stupidity I Break Out In Sarcasm T-shirt. He's probably not smart enough to realise the joke though.

Friday - Weekend Loading Please Wait

The perfect design for a dress down Friday when you want everyone to know you're excited for the weekend. Our Friday Weekend Loading Please Wait TShirt will ensure that everyone at work knows it's almost time to go home for the weekend...As if they weren't already counting down the hours!

Up And Dressed What More Do You Want

When you can't be bothered to do your job and it really isn't the best at all, this is the slogan which probably describes most of your days at work. Up And Dressed What More Do You Want will send out a message to your boss that you're here, but might not be in work mode.

So there you have it, some of the best designs and slogans you can be sporting at work, which are so funny you'll have the whole place laughing.