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Hen Night Ideas - Hen Party Games

A Hen do would not be complete without some entertaining games for the hen and her party. If you have been given the task to be creative and come up with some games for your girls then we've got a couple of suggestions to get your night off with a bang! So, brides, bridesmaids, family and friends, here's some ideas to get your party going!

Dress The Bride

A totally un-original game, but one which is played a lot. Dress the bride gives all the lasses a chance to be girls and play dress up, literally! Have the toilet paper and glitter at the ready, buy some naughty badges and you're good to go. Class it up with a tiara, or keep it nice and cheesy with some L plates.

Dare Cards

The dare cards, these are amazing pieces of card with extraordinary powers! Write something down on them, and they have to do it...They work brilliant in bars when you have some girls who are up for a laugh with the unsuspecting guys. Some favourites:

  • Propose to a guy
  • Get a snog
  • Kiss 5 guys
  • Get a pair of boxer shorts

Get your hens some dare cards, and the boys will be loving it!

Kiss The Hunk

Did you ever play pin the tail on the donkey as a kid? Well this is the more, erm adult version. Kiss the hunk is a fun little game you can have with your friends. Get a print out of your favourite hot guy, preferable in black and white and stick it up somewhere. Get the bride to wear the most red or pink lipstick which there is available. Blindfold the bride, spin her around a few times, and then she has to kiss the hunk, anywhere she likes, or can ;) You are sure to have a laugh with this game!

Hen Do T Shirts

Whatever you're doing when it comes to hen party games, you have got to look the part. Our Hen Party T Shirts are a good start. With the perfect slogans for your girls, we can personalise them for you with your groups names, so your night can get off to a bang! Once more if you're getting more than 4, and you will be, they're super cheap, with up to 30% off!

Never Have I Ever

You've probably heard all about the game Never Have I Ever before. It's pretty straight forward, fun and is sure to get you a bit tipsy or drunk. Everyone takes turns in saying Never Have I Ever... and then say something they've never done. If someone in the group has done it, then they have to take a shot! If you've got a lot of confessions, then you might get very drunk, very fast! ;)

Banned Words

A pretty simple sounding game, but hard to keep track of. Banned words means that you draw up a list of words, and have some forfeits. If a banned word is said by someone, they have to do the forfeit. It could be words that annoy people like Totes, Amaze, Whatevs and such, or maybe you're friends are a bit geeky and say things like LOL. The forfeits can be anything from kissing a random guy to drinking a shot, or whatever you fancy!

Scavenger Hunt

This one is really fun. Group yourselves into teams, it's usually best if you have 2 teams, but you may be able to get more if you have more people. You create a list of items which you have to get on your night, and the one with the most is the winner. It could be a photo with a random guy to a pair of boxer shorts. My advice would be to leave the more risqué ones until after you've had a few glasses of champagne! ;)

Hopefully that will give you just a few ideas of hen party games you can have at your hen do. We hope that it's a night to remember, after all, how many hen nights are you going to have? ;)