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How To Fold A T Shirt In 2 Seconds

How To Fold A T Shirt

You've seen those amazing looking T-shirt displays in the shops, perfect T-shirt squares, and you want to fold your T Shirts like this, right? They look so perfect and tidy, so it must take a long time right? Well no! You can actually fold T-shirts in a perfect square really quickly.

Some say fold a T-shirt in 2 seconds, others say 5 seconds...However long it takes you, this is a really quick way of folding a tee, which will have your tops looking really neat and tidy.

How To Fold A T Shirt In 2 Seconds

The Japanese method

You may have seen or heard that this is called the Japanese method. This is probably the fastest way you'll see of folding a shirt. It's not easy to start with, but once you've had a bit of practice, it will become natural and you'll be folding up all your tees really quickly!


  • You lay your T-shirt on a flat surface on it's back, so the front side is visible. Make sure it's completely flat.
  • You then need to imagine lines running across the middle of the shirt, and down from the shoulder to the bottom.
  • You pinch point A with your left hand, pick up point B with your right hand.
  • Cross over your right hand to pick up point C. Your arms will be crossed.
  • Quickly uncross your arms and lift the T-shirt up.
  • Use the surface to fold the T-shirt back on itself.

Sounds complicated? It's too hard to write in words, so here is a video which explains it much better, and you can see an example in action.

And there you have it! A folded T-shirt in 2 seconds.

The alternative is to buy yourself a T-shirt square which will do all of the heavy lifting for you, however it's not as fast as the Japanese method since no apparatus is involved, and nowhere near as fun.

Give it a go yourself!