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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

After Valentines Day and Spring time rolls around, so does another celebration for the mum's, we're talking about Mother's Day. What presents and gifts should you get your mother this year? We have some ideas, from the traditional to the strange, the funny to the cute, here's a couple of ideas to get you started.

Mothers Day Cards

Of course the must-buy item which should be on your list is a mothers day card. This goes without saying, and is an essential thing to get. Choose wisely, you should get something which your mum will love, but also reflects your own personality and puts your own stamp on things. This could be a humorous design with a funny poem and picture, something cute, or maybe something your mum loves like flowers.


Another traditional gift to get for your mam this year would be flowers. Forget roses, they are a little bit Valentines, although women love getting all flowers. You can get a bouquet of mixed flowers which are presented beautifully, or go for some lilies or orchids for a bit of originality.

Mothers Day T Shirts

What better way to say Happy Mothers Day then a really cool slogan T-shirt. Lucky for you, we have you covered at Lush T Shirts. There's an entire range of tees which you mum will love, we've carefully designed the most original tops right here in the UK. Our T-shirts are cute, funny and come with their own unique sayings and messages of love. Shop for yours here.

Teddy Bears

What says I love you more than a Teddy Bear? There's not much. One of the ultimate cute gifts you can get is a teddy. There's no need to go for a bear, with plenty of plush soft animals to choose from, you can get cats or anything else which your mum will love.


As someone once said, Life is like a box of chocolates...Everyone loves chocolates, so getting a box is a no-brainer. For mothers day you can get some personalised or special chocolates which spell out the day, which gives them a bit more personalisation and makes them stand out more than a regular old box of chocs.


Any excuse for a celebration is a good one, and every celebration needs Champagne, with mother's day being no different.


Hopefully that's enough ideas to get you started on mothers day presents this year. Let us know what you think, and have a very happy mothers day :)