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Stag Do In Newcastle

Alreet pet? Wey-aye man! Haway The Lads! Probably some of the phrases you think of when you think of Newcastle. As you probably already know, Newcastle is an amazing city to go to for your stag do, with a huge number of bars and one of the best party atmosphere's in the country, why would you want to spend a weekend anywhere else? So what can you do, and what is there to expect? Here's some ideas to get you started planning your lads stag party in Newcastle.

What To Wear - Stag T-Shirts

We can't have you turning up in Newcastle and not looking the part, so having you and all your mates wearing stag do T-Shirts is a must. They are cheap, you can have them completely customised and personalised to the way you want them, and more importantly you'll grab the attention of the ladies, or lasses as they're called in these parts. You can go crazy and come up with some really cool or just plain outrageous designs, have your nicknames printed on the back and people will be shouting your name. They may be cheap but they are good quality and you'll be able to keep them and save the memory of your stag weekend in Newcastle forever.

Drinking In Newcastle - The Diamond Strip

If you've watched Geordie Shore or heard about it, The Diamond Strip is probably a phrase you're familiar with. What is it? Well it's a street in the centre of Newcastle which has some of the most popular bars on at the moment. The street is actually called Collingwood Street, and is home to such places as Revolution, Floritas, Madame Koo, House Of Smith, Perdu and Bijoux. These are more up market kind of places, so if you're going in fancy dress, you may want to not bother here. If you and the lads are getting suited and booted or going smart casual, it's one of the places to go.

Fun Pubs And Bars In Newcastle For Stags

If you want to have a bit of fun, a laugh and the good old fashioned cheesy night out then the fun type of bars and pubs are your best bet. You'll have no problems in these places wearing your fancy dress and printed T-shirts, in fact you'll probably not be the only group all dressed up for the weekend. These bars are scattered across the toon, most found in or around the Bigg Market and The Gate. The recommendations are Sinners, Sam Jacks, Label and Tiger Tiger which are around The Gate area. Further down the road you'll come across City Vaults and further down Cosy Joes, and at the bottom of the Bigg Market there is Flares.

Where To Stay

Staying close to the city centre is always a good idea. You'll be right in the mix and not need to worry about a taxi into or out of the city centre on a night. The Euro hostel is pretty central at Carliol Square and rooms can be had for as low as £25 per night. There's also the Roomzzz and Hotel Indigo which are in the centre and reasonably priced. If you want to push the boat out you could try the Sandman Signature Hotel opposite St. James' Park, or The Malmaison on the Quayside.

Stag Do Activities In Newcastle

We've got the night entertainment sorted, but what is there to do through the day? Well you could always just explore the city, hit the shops or even the bars if you want an all day session, or there are other things to try out through the day.

Paint balling - A good old fashioned game of Paint Ball never hurt anyone...Or maybe it did! You can do this activity which can last as long as you want it to. Paint Balling can start at around £10 for the day, remember you'll need to buy your paintballs on top of that though!

Zorb Football - This looks so much fun! You're in a zorb (that's a big bubble which covers your top half if you didn't know) and then play football against you and your mates. If you're up for some hilarious fun, this has got to be worth considering.

Clay Pigeon Shooting - Ah the classic game of pigeon shooting. Once reserved for the posh, it's now an activity enjoyed by many a stag party. Who will get the bragging rights for the night out?

Quad and ATV Biking - For around £45/hour per person you can get yourself around and get covered in mud in the wilderness outside Newcastle.

And there you have it! Just a brief glimpse at what the wonderful city of Newcastle has to offer your stag weekend. From drinking in the Diamond Strip to staying in the best value hostel and hotels in the city.