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Stag T Shirt Nickname Ideas

Stag T Shirts are great, and one thing which you can do is get your nicknames put on the back of them. What better way to break the ice with the ladies than them shouting your nickname from across the bar? The difference between lads nicknames on shirts and girls is that lads mostly just add a "y" to the end...Smithy, Jonesey, Mikey, Scotty and so on. What else could you have? Well you could go themed, or at least based on a theme, or for the truly cringe worthy factor, go for something dirty or sexual.

Themed Stag Party T Shirt nicknames

Top Gun Call Signs - Maverick, Strider, Goose, Iceman, Viper, Merlin, Hollywood, Wolfman

Reservoir Dogs - MR Pink, MR White, MR Orange, MR Blonde, MR Brown

Funny And Rude Stag Nickname Ideas

Ivor Biggun, Chris Peacock, Justin Case, Ben Dover, Tommy The Tank, Juan Kerr, Dixon Cider, Dan Gleeballs, Master Baker, Paul Mycock.

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