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Summer Holiday Essentials - Tips On What To Pack

Who's excited for their summer holidays?! Well you should be, but don't let that excitement get the better of you and then forget the bare essentials. So what do you take on a summer holiday anyway? We've had a think about it and came up with a few tips on holiday essentials, what you should be taking and not forgetting to pack.

Sun Tan Lotion

The most obvious thing you have to remember if you're going to a place where there's heat - Sun tan lotion. You should wear something with good protection, and start off with at least SPF15 and probably stick to that, it's important to look after your skin these days!


This is stating the obvious, but if you're going abroad you'll need your passport. Go and check it to make sure it's valid too, with plenty of time left on it. You'll want to keep it handy and put it in your pocket or hand luggage, you'll need it navigating through the airport both at home and when you get to your destination.

Summer Holiday Clothing

When you're packing you need your summer holiday clothing too! That means sunglasses, hats, shorts and those all important holiday t shirts. You should get yourself a good few tees to keep you going, you'll want at least one a day, then depending on what you're planning on wearing on a night maybe a few smarter tops to wear to keep cool but looking the part.

Beach Towels

Something you will also need to remember are beach towels. If you're going to the beach or sitting by the pool, you'll want to relax on a lounger and need a towel to put on it. If you plan on going for a splash in the sea or pool, you'll want to dry off with it too, so take more than one...You can of course let the sun dry you. Most resorts and hotels do have towels which you can use for free if you pay a deposit, but there's nothing like using your own towel.

Mobile Phone

It's not the 90s anymore, and you don't have to hid your phone away in your house while you go on holiday. It's cool to take your phone abroad, and you can actually use it now while you're away, with data charges being so low, and on some networks like THREE, built into your call plan. They're also being used by airlines now in place of having a paper boarding pass, just download the app on your phone. Yes, this is the future right now ;)


Cash is king, you'll want to take some money, whether that is Dollars, Euros or some other form of local currency. Take the hassle out of travellers cheques or those new cash cards you can get, and have cold hard cash in your hand ready to spend.

Technology & Electrical equipment

Make sure you take all your tech and electrical equipment. We're taking mobile phone, iPod, tablet, camera not to mention all the chargers you'll need to pack for all your devices. A power brick is also a good idea so you'll always have the power.

Toiletries & Medical Stuff

Shaving stuff, shower gel, deodorant, fragrances and some emergency medical kinds of things like blister plasters and pain relief tablets are good tips for packing. You never know what's going to happen when you're on holiday, so it's best to be prepared. Don't forget your toothbrush!


We hope these essential tips on what to pack for your summer holiday help you remember everything you need, or even give you ideas on what to pack in your suitcase and hand luggage.