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Ultimate Guide To Slogan T Shirts

The Ultimate Guide To Slogan T-Shirts

If you've ever got something to get off your chest, or want to show your support to something, owning a collection of slogan t shirts is an ideal way to do this. Whether you're an A list superstar like Beyoncé or Cara Delevingne or you just want to make a statement for a laugh for your mates, it's a great way to get your point across.

For a while they have been much of a novelty, sporting funny or ironic quotes or phrases, but in more recent times they have been utilised in celebrity culture and it seems everyone from Hollywood to music stars and reality TV personalities have at least one or two slogan tees in their wardrobe.

They're even being seen on the catwalk, we've saw many designers using popular slogans and phrases to keep up with popular culture, which is in love with this trend at the moment.

Styles Of The Slogans

The styles of the slogans is something to consider. With a huge number of writing styles and fonts, the design is very important and shoud be one of the first things to be considered. Will it be readable? Is it supposed to be easy to read or subliminal? The possibilities are pretty endless and each style leaves it's own mark. Get something a little suggestive with medium size text, go for the minimal look with small text with one or only a couple of words, or be in your face with a huge oversize slogan print.


With the size of the font decided, you now need to figure out what kind of style you want to go for. An old school style font like an All American type, College or Athletic are very popular at the moment, and are pretty timeless because of it's place in retro culture from teen movies and coming of age American films. This type of writing was used on college t-shirts and varsity jackets, still popular to this day. If you want to make an impact you could go for a bold and easy to read type, and in contrast if you want something fancy then a curly elaborate style of writing will suit.

You've Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meow T-Shirt

Slogan T Shirts In Popular Culture

We love the fact that slogan tees are so heavily involved in popular culture at the moment, they seem to be everywhere. But what are the key trends and styles of text based t shirts? There's been a few over the past year or so, and here are some of our favourites which have caught our eye.

Girls have been going crazy over the You Can't Sit With Us craze. A simple two line phrase has been one of the t-shirts to have, a must have item for fashionistas and film lovers alike.


For music lovers the Parental Advisory T Shirt is a must have item. A classic and iconic print, it's a real staple for you and can style it with many outfits. This is now being featured on sweatshirts, hooded tops, tees, tops, and even bags. A timeless logo which will never go away.

Of course we cannot write about slogan based tops without mentioning the Frankie Say Relax T Shirt. Straight out of the 80s, it was worn by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and a cult legend was born. A great novelty item for going to an 80s themed party, and even if you're not into fancy dress, it's still a classic.

Whatever you are into, we have a huge selection for you to choose from and we're confident that you'll find something which makes a statement at Lush T Shirts.Save