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What To Wear At The Gym

If there's one thing we hate to do but we do it anyway, it must be going to the gym. Once you work out, it is actually addictive, and something which you want to keep doing over and over. These days everyone is keeping fit, if they're not going to the gym they are working out in other ways; Biking, running and swimming being a few favourite forms of activities which people are enjoying, keeping their lifestyle active. But going to the gym is still by far the most popular way to get fit.

Gym Clothing - What To Wear

Something we think which would be fun to wear are our funny gym t shirts and vests. These have quotes and slogans printed on them, which will keep you motivated, as well as giving your gym buddies something hilarious to laugh at while they're working up a sweat. There's no better way to take your mind off running on a treadmill or lifting weights than having something fun going on, and a vest will certainly do that.

Compression Shorts & Tops

Do not under estimate compression shorts or tops either. If you don't know what that are there's an interesting article on them here. Basically they're very tight, form fitting garments which will keep muscles warm, as well as keeping sweat away from the body, lessening the chances of rashes which you can get when working up a sweat. There's plenty being made by most manufacturers these days, including mainstream brands Nike and Adidas, as well as Under Armour and other brands which specialise in these type of garments. Once you wear them while going to the gym and doing work outs, you'll wonder how you lived without them.

The all important sweatbands

You do need a sweatband! They are not just a novelty item, if you're going to be doing an activity which has some longevity to it, you should really consider one. They're not just for girls and guys with long hair, they are used to keep sweat out of your eyes. If you run for a long time the chances are you'll be sweating, and you don't want that dripping down your face into your eyes, so a sweatband or headband is the best way to prevent this, and keep your work outs going for as long as possible.

Fitness Trackers and Tech

It's 2015, so of course there's a multitude of tech and fitness gadgets you can buy and use at the gym. The Nike app is great if you're running outside, you may want to monitor other things and use a FitBit or something similar, and really track your fitness and workouts so you can get the optimum performance and really push yourself. Don't forget your music! You'll want some good headphones and a decent playlist to get you through your session, some ear buds are the way to go.

This should get your on the right path of what to wear when you're at the gym, and hopefully it will make every session fun and enjoyable :) Be sure to check out our other buyers guides for tips on what to buy.