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What To Wear To Zumba, Clubbercise And Cardio Work Outs

Working out does not have to mean going to the gym, there's plenty of other alternatives which gets the blood pumping. If cardio is your game and you're looking to burn calories fast, there's plenty out there, including Zumba, Clubbercise and various other activities. One thing is for sure, you need to be wearing the right gear when you do these fitness workouts, so here's our suggestions to look great while getting in shape.

Clothing For Clubbercise

We can't think of a more fun way to work out than with 90's dance music, dark rooms and plenty of neon. What is Clubbercise? Well it's a mix of dancing like you're in a club and getting fit, all at the same time, but without the alcohol of course. Here's our favourite vest tops for Clubbercise which will really make an impact.

I Don't Sweat I Glow - When you combine a night club with fitness, this is what you get! There's nothing better to wear than this, and the print really does stand out, with neon pink and neon blue text you'll look the part in this.

Look Like A Beauty Train Like A Beast - The ultimate aim of getting hot and sweaty. Train like a beast and you will look like a beauty. Neon pink and white print really makes this one kick ass.

Everything Hurts And I'm Dying - If you're doing it right then you should be feeling the burn. This is the perfect slogan vest to be wearing which will get people looking.

I Don't Sweat I Sparkle Vest - It's all about the neon, we've got this design which really pops, the classic black vest is brought out with neon blue text and bright white which compliments it well.

What To Wear At Zumba - Clothing

When you're at Zumba you want to look the part when you're working up a sweat, and we've got some hilarious vest tops which will keep you cool and show that you've got a great personality and you're into getting fit all at the same time. Check out these, our favourite designs for getting fit.

My Everything Is Sore - How you'll be feeling after a good session. If all your muscles feel sore, then this is the design to be wearing in anticipation of that.

Better Sore Than Sorry - It's a good motto to live by if you're doing a workout or any kind of fitness. Being sore means you must be doing it right.

Pole For Fitness - Clothing

What about the pole? Yes, you can do pole dancing classes which are a great way to keep fit. More and more girls are signing up to pole, which gives you a great cardio work out as well as core strength. Here's some clothing you can wear while at the class.

Strong Is The New Skinny - Work on your core strength at pole, because that's what it's all about. Being skinny is nothing, it's all about strength and an all round workout.

But Did You Die Though? - Whatever cardio you're doing, you only know you're doing it right if it feels like you're about to die. Obviously you're not, so this slogan is what to be seen in.

Remember it's not just about getting fit, it's about having fun too, and that's what these designs will help you achieve. You can check out these and the rest of our work out inspired designs over at the funny gym vests section of the site now.